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Spice Island

Spice Island -- A Filipino Rating Community
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So you've managed to stumble upon another rating community. Good for you. Still, I bet you're wondering why this one is so special, so different from all the rest, and would you ever belong in here? We have only a couple of prerequisites, or what we like to call...


++ All entries should be set as Friends Only.
++ Applicants must be 14 or older.
++ Applicants must have at least partial Filipino ancestry
++ Applicants must possess enough discipline to post within 24 hours of joining or you will be removed from the community.
++ Applicants should fill out EVERY SINGLE question and requirement in the application, if not, he/she would be automatically rejected.
++ Applicants with a minimum of 8 votes will be stamped within 48 hours.
++ Both applicants and stamped members must not be perverted maniacs in this community. Be an exhibitionist some other time.
++ Applicants can only reply to comments left in their application posts. Even then, posting replies should be kept to a MINIMUM. Period.
++ Rejected applicants can re-apply after 48 hours.
++ Do not delete your application or you will see it posted public HERE. This is a rating community, once you post your application, you are opening yourself up for criticism. Do not apply if you can't handle it.


++ When voting, always put yes, no or undecided in the subject line. This also applies whenever you change your vote.
++ When posting, please put STAMPED on the subject line and make it friends only.
++ Promotion is allowed. As long as it is for another Filipino community and is under an lj-cut.
++ If you promote another community in here, please provide a link where you promoted us there.
++ When posting pictures, please do the necessary lj cut.
++ If you want to be on hiatus for vacation or other things, please make a post saying so. When you're ready to be back, make a non-text only post.
++ If you want to leave the community for any reason, please post an entry saying that you're leaving, so we can take you off the member's list.
++ Please help us promote the community. Every member who gets someone to apply here would get 5 points per applicant.
++ Member who has the highest number of acquired points in a month shall get 1 auto-accept/reject and can use it whenever he/she wants to.

Simple, huh? Now you can move on to...

Copy, paste and answer. It's all set up for you. Please don't screw it up.

More banners HERE.

Members Page HERE.